Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods: A Comparative Study

by Evangelos Triantaphyllou, Ph.D.


        The research and the writing of this book would never had been accomplished without the decisive help and inspiration from a number of people to which the author is deeply indebted. His most special thanks go to his first M.S. Advisor and Mentor, Professor Stuart H. Mann, currently the Dean of the W.F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada. The author would also like to thank his other M.S. Advisor Professor Panos M. Pardalos currently at the University of Florida and his Ph.D. Advisor Professor Allen L. Soyster, currently the Dean of Engineering at the Northeastern University. He would also like to thank Professors F.A. Lootsma, S. Konz, J. Elzinga, T.L. Saaty, L.G. Vargas, E.H. Forman, Dr. P. Murphy; the CEO of InfoHarvest, Inc., and the late Drs. I.H. LaValle, Dr. H.K. Eldin, and C.L. Hwang. The author is also highly appreciative for the excellent comments made by Professor H.-J. Zimmermann.

        Many thanks go to his colleagues at LSU; especially to Dr. E. McLaughlin; Dean Emeritus of the College of Engineering at LSU and to Dr. L.W. Jelinski; Vice-Chancellor for Graduate Studies and Research at LSU for her support and inspiration. The author is also very indebted to his distinguished colleague Dr. Tryfon T. Charalampopoulos at LSU. Many special thanks are also given to the Editor Mr. John Martindale at Kluwer Academic Publishers for his encouragement and incredible patience and to his graduate student Vetle I. Torvik for his always thoughtful comments. The author would also like to recognize here the significant contributions to his published papers made by the numerous and anonymous referees and editors of the journals in which his papers have been published.

        The author would also like to acknowledge his most sincere gratitude to his graduate and undergraduate students, which have always provided him with unlimited inspiration, motivation and joy .

Evangelos (Vangelis) Triantaphyllou

April 2000

Department of Computer Science (this address was updated on January of 2005)
College of Basic Sciences
298 Coates Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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