Dr. Coretta W. Douglas
Title: Undergraduate Coordinator / Instructor

Office: 3270-A Patrick F. Taylor

Office hours:
Monday CSC 4103 (10:00 NOON)
Wednesday CSC 4103 (10:00 NOON)

Prospective Students: By Appointment

           Email (preferred contact):
    douglas csc lsu edu


Dr. Coretta W. Douglas

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Division of Computer Science
and Engineering
150-B Electrical Engineering Building
Baton Rouge, LA,  70803


Courses Taught:

CSc 1100 Computers in Society

CSc 1250 Introduction to Computer Science I

CSc 1251 Introduction to Computer Science II

CSc 1253 Introduction to Computer Science with C-I

CSc 1254 Computer Science II with C++
CSc 2252 Assembly Language Programming

CSc 2290 Advanced Programming and Introduction to Data Structures

CSc 3380 Object Oriented Design

CSc 3390 Object Oriented Programming and C++

CSc 4103 Operating Systems

BA Computer Science - Mississippi State University
MS Systems Science   - Louisiana State University
Ph.D. Computer Science - Louisiana State University