Rahul Shah

Roy Paul Daniels Distinguished Professor
Department of Computer Science,
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA.

I am currently away from LSU serving as a program director at NSF's Algorithmic Foundations program.
This webpage is horribly outdated. The links to DBLP publication list and Google Scholar are likely to be almost current. My CV would be less outdated than other stuff on this page.

Selected Recent Publications

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Areas of Interest

Algorithms, Data Structures, Databases
Specifically: Compressed Data Structures, Uncertain Databases,

Disk-bound Algorithms and Data Structures


Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2002
B.Tech., IIT Bombay, 1997


356 Hatcher Hall, LSU Computer Science, Baton Rouge, LA 70803 +1-225-578-4355(tel), -1465 (fax)  email:firstname@csc.lsu.edu

Hours: Wednesday 1-3pm



Currently Teaching


Past Courses

CSC 7300: Algorithms Design and Analysis (Graduate), Fall 2011
CSC 3102: Adv Data Structures and Algorithms Analysis, Fall 2011

CSC 2262: Numerical Methods, Spring 2011

CSC 7300: Algorithms Design and Analysis, Fall 2010

CSC 3102: Adv. Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, Fall 2010

CSC 2262: Numerical Methods, Spring 2010
CSC 7300: Algorithms Design and Analysis, Fall 2009
CSC 2262: Numerical Methods, Spring 2009
CSC 7300: Algorithms Design and Analysis, Fall 2008
CSC 2262: Numerical Methods, Spring 2008


Research and Related Service


Funding & Awards

NSF Hecura (2006)
NSF Algorithms (2010)
NSF Algorithms (2012)
NSF Algorithms (2015) Project Website
LSU Summer Research Award
Support from above is gratefully acknowledged.


Served on the program committees (PC) of several CPMs, SPIREs, DCCs, ICA3PPs, ACM-GIS QUESTs, NSF Panels and ISAAC 2015, ICPADS 2011,...  


LSU Algorithms Seminar (Spring 2008 – date)
CIOS (Computer Science Intensive Orientation for Students (Summer 2011), CIOS 2010




Manish Patil (PhD student - now research scientist at Facebook)

Sharma Thankachan (PhD student - now assitant professor at Univ of Central Florida)

Xuanting Cai (MS/ PhD-Math - now at Google)

Sudip Biswas (PhD - now at Microsoft) , Emran Chowdhury(MS - now at Microsoft)

Jacob Marsh (@Amazon working on Alexa), Matthew Borne (Undergraduate)


Phani Siddapareddy (MS Project: Range Minimum Queries)

Sabrina Chandrasekaran (MS Thesis: on Top-k String Retrieval - at Amazon)

Rasagnya Ryali (MS Project: Dictionary Matching via FM-index)

Prospective Students

Are you interested in Algorithms Research?
--Take my 7300 Class and solve some of the challenge problems

--Come join us for Algorithms Seminar
--Stop by for a chat.

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