Algorithms and Problem Solving Seminar

Every area of computer science research involves formulating and solving problems. The solutions are in the form of algorithms. In this seminar, every week, we shall discuss some interesting problems which arise from our research work. The emphasis is on clearly formulating and expressing the problem formulations and discuss strategies to solve it. This is more "discussion" oriented rather than one-way "talk" where the speaker does most of the talking. Nevertheless, we hope to have one driving speaker every week.

Mondays -1:30 - 2:30 pm  in Coates 256

Participants: Rahul Shah, Costas Busch, Raj Kannan, Bijaya Karki, Sukhamay Kundu, S. Iyengar, Don Kraft, Andrei Hutanu, Manish Patil, .....(we hope to see a lot more in coming weeks...)


Date Speaker Topic
2/4/08 Rahul Shah  Caching/prefetching on parallel disks
2/11/08 Andrei Hutanu/ Cornelius Toole  Optimal resource selection for data transfer/prefetching in optical networks
2/18/08 Costas Busch  Oblivious Routing on Grid Networks
2/25/08 Costas Busch  Oblivious Routing on Grid Networks (contd)
3/3/08 Rahul Shah  Caching Prefetching on Parallel Disks (contd)
3/10/08 no semniar   phd qualifiers
3/24/08 Richard Karp  IELTS invited lecture series
3/31/08 Rahul Shah  Range Minimum Queries in compressed space
4/7/08 Rajgopal Kannan  Approximating Channel Quantization in Relaying using k-medians
4/14/08 Don Kraft  Discrete Lagrangian Optimization Algorithm via Relaxation
4/21/08 Rahul Shah  Facility Location Problems on Trees
4/28/08 Rajgopal Kannan Optimization problems in networking