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 welcome to rrl

                       The Robotics Research Laboratory was established in 1985 by Dr. S.S.Iyengar. The RRL is a research and education program specializing in the area of computational aspects of intelligent autonomous mobile robots (IAMR). The laboratory provides an infrastructure to facilitate a distributed research effort among Universities and leading U.S. research organizations.

                   The RRL research addresses a comprehensive set of problems fundamental to the implementation of AMR's. Members are performing advanced research in the areas of intelligent sensing and vision; spatial planning and navigation; asynchronous production systems; integration of knowledge sources in distributed systems; architectures for the control of mobile robots; world-modeling using acoustic sensors, and real time expert systems for the control of mobile robots. RRL investigators are presently exploring several new promising avenues of research.

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Command Control Robotic Systems in Louisiana from France through Internet

       Mr. Gilles Magnard from France is presently designing a real time Command Control Robotic Systems Software for coordinating the motors of a robot through internet at Robotics Research Laboratory , Louisiana State University under the guidance of Prof. S.S. Iyengar( Click here for PPT slides). For more details contact:

 Artificial Intelligence based Autonomous Underground Robotics Systems

This project deals with mapping and inspection of underground pipelines using autonomous robots. For more details contact:

Human Control Interface

Here the RRL researchers are investigating the control of robots using various techniques like Brain signals, gesture recognition and etc.


Mapping and Localization

This Robot is used as a test platform to experiment various algorithms on Mapping and Localization. The primary goal is to localize the robot in  distributed sensor networks.


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