Extract Example Index

This is an index file for some illustrative examples of extract usage. It is not a reference, and pretty much no explanation of the extract functions is given here. This file exists to give a quick impression of the kinds of things extract can do, without taking a lot of time with explanation, or even attempting to be comprehensive. If you want to understand the Extract commands used in these examples, Extract is documented in detail in the Extract User's Guide, available in [html, postscript] forms. The user's guide has additional examples as well.

Extract excels at essentially two functions:

The following examples highlight these functionalities. These examples are essentially pared down versions of files I use everyday. I have reduced their size and complexity for ease of understanding, but this is kind of tricky. Since extract helps you more as things get more complex, this also reduces the persuasive power of the examples. Therefore, these examples represent a compromise between showing off the capabilities of extract, and keeping the examples relatively straightforward.

The available extract examples are:

If you are an extract user, and use extract in a way you'd like to share, please send me a URL, so I can add it to the example list here, if appropriate.

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