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  9. RE: aboveground oil VS propane. Posted by: berlin (My Page) on Sun, Apr 27, ... oil unlike propane requires a yearly tuneup of the burner and furnace which will ... - Cached
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  13. The propane company sold us the furnace and then did all the labor for free. ... with a radiant heating system you may be more frugal to install an oil furnace. ... - Cached
  14. ... then a high efficiency oil furnace would be better a wiser choice than propane. ... Table 8. Simple Payback Comparison – Geothermal vs. Propane ... - 64k - Cached
  15. Choose "EXISTING vs. NEW" to compare your existing system with a new heating and cooling system or "NEW vs. NEW" to compare two new systems with each other. ... vs. ... - Cached
  16. You can even purchase your propane gas furnace from us, and ask us to maintain it. ... natural gas processing (60 percent) and crude oil refining (40 percent) ... - Cached
  17. ... do so much more than deliver oil and we're your "FULL SERVICE" company from ... Furnace Repairs, Replacement and Installations (oil, gas, propane and electric) ... - Cached
  18. Today's furnaces burn either natural gas, propane or heating fuel oil. ... rated furnace, with an AFUE of 97%, will save $900 over its lifetime vs. the ... - Cached
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  29. Oil Heat Council Of New Hampshire comparing fuel oil and propane cost and information about ... 2 heating oil $2.22 / gallon. 16.01. Propane $1.87 / gallon ... - Cached
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