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I like many good things that help to keep me physically and mentally healthy, such as philosophy and Zen, Qigong and martial arts, classical and light music, holistic health, and yoga, etc. I am very curious about new things that promote a healthy, energetic and happy life. I am also eager to learn those fabulous things regardless of the learning curve. [This page is still under construction because it takes too much time to complete.]

(1) Philosophy and Zen

Zen is the idea of ``direct pointing to the human mind'' and ``seeing into one's own nature.'' It helps to tranquilize one's mind, to inspire wisdom, and to make correct life decisions.

Zen practice in daily life (in Chinese).

Philosophies: List of philosophies

Philosophers: Lists of philosophers

Witty people (including comedians):

Funny videos:

(2) Martial Arts

Martial arts (or Wushu) are systems of codified practices and traditions of training for unarmed and armed combat. It not only includes physical exercise but also Chinese philosophy, meditation and aesthetics.

Schools of martial arts:

Demonstrations by the graduates of the Culture University Department of National Martial Arts (all styles of martial arts).

In traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts, Qigong is viewed as a set of breathing and movement exercises, with possible benefits to health through stress reduction and exercise.

Schools of Qigong: five schools (in Chinese)

Tai Chi Chuan is an internal Chinese martial art, and there are five major classical family styles - Chen, Yang, Wu/Hao, Wu and Sun.


(3) Music: classical, light, pop, soothing ...

Peer-to-peer sharing of MP3 Music of all genres: Kazaa.

Classical music played with Zither is one of my favorites. Some of my favorite Zither melodies:

Pop Music

An incomplete list of (mostly old) favorite songs/lyrics

Classical music played with other types of instruments

Buddhism music

(4) Holistic Health, Personal Development, Yoga, Et Cetera

(5)Senior but energetic people

(6) Talent shows

If you have found any of these interesting, or you have interesting life styles, exercise programs and music to share, you are very welcome to email me.

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