"Inference of A Minimum Size Boolean Function From Examples by Using A New Efficient Branch-and-Bound Approach"

Journal of Global Optimization, 1994, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 69-94.

Evangelos Triantaphyllou

This paper deals with the problem of identifying a hidden Boolean function F : {0,1}t ---> {0,1} from positive and negative examples. This problem is of paramount importance in many real life applications of artificial intelligence. The method proposed in this paper is based on a branch-and-bound approach. This approach is an expansion of some earlier work [Triantaphyllou et al., 1993]. Computational results, comparing the new method with one based on Karmakar's interior point method, suggest that the new method is very efficient.

Key Words:
Inductive inference, Boolean functions, clause satisfiability problem, maximum clique, interior point method, artificial intelligence.

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