Education & Experience


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B.S. in Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, 1968 

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M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science/Applied Math., Harvard University, 1970/1973 


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Assistant Professor at MIT Sloan School, 1974 -78 

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Associate Professor at UCLA Management School, 1978 - 84

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Murphy J. Foster Professor at Computer Science Department, LSU, 1983 2011; Adjunct Professor, 2011-Present

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Donald SinclairVisiting Professor at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept.,  MIT, 1986 87; Visiting Professor, Sloan School, 1991; Division of Eng. Systems, 2007.

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Visiting Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University, 1990-91 



Distinguished Career Scientist and a faculty member, Carnegie Mellon University, 2011-Present




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International Business Machines, 6/70 - 8/70 

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Honeywell, 6/73 - 5/74 

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Digital Equipment Corporation, 6/74 - 8/74 

Many Government Agencies/Major Corporations

Consultant or Advisor