Honors & Professional Activities

Dr. Chen is very active in professional activities including the following:

Airlie Software Council

Dr. Peter Chen is a member of the Airlie Software Council, which consists of a group of software visionaries, gurus, educators, and very-high-level software organization executives, organized by Department of Defense (DoD). The members of Airlie Software Council include:

(A) Software Visionaries/Gurus/Educators 


Known For

Victor Basili

Experimental Software Engineering

Grady Booch

Booch's OO Methodology

Peter Chen

ER Approach, Data/Info Models, CASE Methodologies/Tools

Tom DeMarco

Data Flow Diagrams, People Management

Mike Evans

Software Risk Management

Derek Hatley

Real-time Software Analysis & Design

Bill Hetzel

Software Testing

Capers Jones

Software Productivity Measurement

Tim Lister

Structured Analysis, People Management

Tom McCabe

Software Complexity Measures

Roger Pressman

Software Engineering Education

Larry Putman

Software Project Management

Howard Rubin

Software Engineering Benchmarking

Ed Yourdon

Structured Analysis & Design



(B) Executives and High-Level Managers of Software Organizations




Norm Brown



Christine Davis

TI Defense Systems & Electronics Group

VP and Mgr of Engineering

Mike Dyer


Man-of-the-Year, '98

John Manzo

3Com (US Robotics)

High-level Manager

Lou Mazzucchelli

Gerard Klauer Mattison & Co.

Stock and Financial Analyst

Frank McGrath

Logicon, TRW, and Software Focus

VP-Eng. (retired)


Awards & Professional Organizations

Dr. Peter Chen is a Fellow of ACM, IEEE, and AAAS.  He was the recipient of DAMA International's Achievement Award in Information Management.  He was inducted into Data Management Hall of Fame.  He also received the prestigious Stevens Award on Innovation in Software Methods, presented at the International Conference on Software Maintenance in Florence, Italy, on November 8, 2001.  He received the prestigious IEEE Harry Goode Award in San Diego, February 2003.  The previous winners of the Harry Goode Award include the inventors of computers, core memory, and semiconductors.  He also received another prestigious award –the ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award in San Diego, June 7, 2003 at the ACM Federated Conferences and was introduced at the Opening ceremony of International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-03) in Acapulco, August 12, 2003; this award was established in 1993, and previous 7 winners of the Allen Newell Award include a Nobel Prize and National Medal of Science Winner, 2 National Medal of Technology winners (one of them a ACM Turing Award winner), and other very distinguished scientists.


Association for Computing Machinery    ACM is the world's oldest and largest educational and scientific computing society. Founded in 1947, it has more than 80,000 members in over 100 countries.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.    IEEE is the world's largest technical professional society. Founded in 1884, it has more than 320,000 members in150 countries. 


The IEEE Computer Society.  The largest society within IEEE. It has 100,000 members.


American Association of Advancement of Sciences   AAAS (pronounced "Triple-A-S") is founded in Philadelphia in 1848. It has more than 143,000 members and is the publisher of the Science magazine.


DAMA International.   The DAMA International is an international organization of data management professionals, data administrators, and some Chief Information Officers.


American Association for Artificial Intelligence. Founded in 1979, AAAI is the largest scientific society for AI professionals – devoted to advancing the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines.


World Wide Web Organizations and XML

 The World Wide Web Consortium is a large consortium of major vendors and users of the World Wide Web.  It sponsors the specification efforts of different aspects of XML. Dr. Chen is an invited expert in several XML Working Groups.

Conferences/Workshops of Interest

Dr. Peter Chen has been a key organizer (conference chair, program chair, or steering committee chair) of approximately 20 international conferences.  He has also served as a keynote speaker for more than 25 conferences organized by somebody else.  The following are some of the past and future conferences/workshops that Dr. Chen may or may not play a role:



ER'01, ER’02, ER2003

International Conferences on Conceptual Modeling.(The ER conference main site is located at http://www.conceptualmodeling.org/)
The first ER conference started at UCLA in 1979.  ER'98 is the 17th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (Nov 16 - 19, 1998, Singapore).  ER'99 is the 18th conference (November '99, Paris).  ER'00 was held in Salt Lake City, ER'01 was held in Japan, and ER'02 was held in Finland.  ER2003 will be held in Chicago, and ER2004 will be held in Shanghai, China. 

Dr. Chen is the founder of this series of international conferences and is the Steering Committee Chair, Emeritus. 
He was a keynote speaker at the ER'99 Conference in Paris.


ACM SIGMOD Conference, Philadelphia, May 31 - June 3, '99. Dr. Chen joined the SIGMOD Chairman in the announcement of the new contents of SIGMOD Anthology CD set.


9th International Database Conference on  Heterogeneous and Internet Databases (IDC'99), Hong Kong, July 15-17, 1999Dr. Peter Chen was a keynote speaker of the conference and also gave a tutorial.


ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Kansas City, Nov. 2-6, '99. 
Dr. Chen was the banquet keynote speaker for the conference.


ACM International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP, Kansas City, Nov. 6, '99. 
Dr. Peter Chen served as a Program Committee member.


International Workshop on the World-Wide Web and Conceptual Modeling
Paris, France, November 15 - 18, '99, held in conjunction with the 
18th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER'99). 
Explore ways that can apply conceptual modeling to address these challenges.  In particular, this workshop wishes to consider building conceptual data models to describe knowledge about patterns of data, about objects in our models, and about interactions among these objects and with Web users.  These conceptual models should provide the basis for high-quality organization, presentation, search, information extraction, intelligent caching, electronic business processing, and Web site development and management. 
Dr. Chen served as the Co-Chairman of this workshop.


AAAS Annual Meeting, Feb. 18-22, 2000, Washington, D.C.  Dr. Chen was inducted as a Fellow of AAAS.

 DAMA 2000

DAMA International (Data Administration Association International) annual meeting, March 19-23, 2000, Washington, D.C. 
Dr. Chen was the recipient of Year 2000 Individual Achievement Award and inducted in "Data Management Hall of Fame."


A special Masterclass for graduate School SIKS, August 2000, Netherlands.
Dr. Chen gave one of the two Master Lectures.


Workshop on the Web and Conceptual Modeling Salt Lake City, October 9-12, held in conjunction with the 
19th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER'00).
Dr. Chen served as the Steering Committee Chairman of this workshop.

XML DevCon

XML Development Conference, London, Feb. 21-23, 2001.
Dr. Chen was a speaker and served on the keynote panel for the conference.

DAMA 2001

DAMA International annual Symposium, March 4-8, 2001, Anaheim, CA.
Dr. Chen was a keynote speaker for this symposium.

XML DevCon

XML Development Conference, New York City, April 8-11, 2001.
Dr. Chen was a speaker and served on the keynote panel for the conference.

Software Pioneers Conference


Conference with Software Pioneers, Bonn, Germany, June 28-29, 2001.
Dr. Chen was an invited speaker together with other software pioneers/gurus such as:
Fred Brooks, E. Dijkstra, T. Hoare, D. Parnas, N. Wirth, Ole-Johan Dahl,
B. Boehm, T. DeMarco, J. Guttag, F. Bauer, R. Bayer,....  The slides and the video streaming of all the speeches can be viewed from the conference website.


20th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, Yokohoma, Japan, November 2001.
Dr. Chen was a keynote speaker for the pre-conference seminar.


International Conference on E-Business, Beijing, China, May 22-26, 2002.

Dr. Chen co-authored a paper that was presented at this conference.


12th Annual Conference on ACME, Los Angeles, August 1-3, 2002.
Dr. Chen was a keynote speaker for this conference.


21st International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, Tampere, Finland, October 7-11, 2002.
Dr. Chen was the Steering Committee Chair (Emeritus) for this conference.


Federated Computer Research Conference, June 6-14, 2003
Dr. Chen was presented the ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award at the ACM Award Banquet.


International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, August 11-15, 2003, Acapulco, Mexico.
Dr. Chen was introduced at the opening ceremony for the Allen Newell Award.