Algorithms and Problem Solving Seminar

Every area of computer science research involves formulating and solving problems. The solutions are in the form of algorithms. In this seminar, every week, we shall discuss some interesting problems which arise from our research work. The emphasis is on clearly formulating and expressing the problem formulations and discuss strategies to solve it. This is more "discussion" oriented rather than one-way "talk" where the speaker does most of the talking. Nevertheless, we hope to have one driving speaker every week.

Mondays -1:30 - 2:30 pm  in Coates 256


Date Speaker Topic
1/26/09  Wing-Kai Hon, (NTHU Taiwan) Dictionary matching in compressed space
2/2/09 Wing-Kai Hon (NTHU, Taiwan) Dynamic Dictionary matching
2/9/09 Ankur Gupta (Butler University) Succincter data structures
2/17/09 Rahul Shah On the string retrieval problems
3/9/09 Gokarna Sharma Semantic Graphs
3/16/09 Costas Busch Packet Scheduling I
3/30/09 Costas Busch Packet Scheduling II
4/13/09 Costas Busch Universal Bufferless Routing
4/20/09 Rajgopal Kannan Wireless jamming(? TBA)
4/27/09 Jared Whitaker Graph algorithms(? TBA)

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